Uplifting Spiritual Speaker, Healer, Teacher that brings a message of Hope, Love & Understanding about what we call… Life, Death and Heaven. Sharing her Near Death Experience stories with  those who have experienced pain & grief and those who work in the world of pain and suffering and dark night of the soul; First Res-ponders, Hospice workers, Medical professionals and Grief and Loss Support Groups. and more. 

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How to diffuse pain and trauma in your life to Lift Up! Take a Deep Breath! and Clear out the pain in a soothing way.  

In 1986 upon moving to Reno she would have a near death experience that would once again change her world. She would discover a powerful soothing healing energy would flow through her hands which would be used for pain control for the dying. 

When a loved one is dying there are many dialogues going on within them daily as they experience this mysterious process. Each person has a unique experience and it is not only a physical process, it is also occurring on the more hidden levels. The mind, emotions and the spiritual levels are a part of making us what is called a human being upon this earth. They say that when you are dying your life flashes before you. While I can only speak for myself this saying is true, but it is also happening on deeper levels each day before leaving this body. I have found this to be true for myself and for those of us that have gone to the other side… “outside of our body” then returning. 

It’s May and the Lilacs Are Blooming One foot on Earth and One in Heaven

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BOOK REVIEWS 5 STARS IT’S MAY & THE LILACS ARE BLOOMING- One foot on Earth and One in Heaven

on November 29, 2017
Format: Paperback

Its May and the Lilacs are blooming: One Foot on Earth and One In Heaven

I can’t even remember how I met Elaina Deva Proffitt but it was many years before her book came out. I remember being in a very dark place in my life; I had lost my 22-year-old daughter and 10-month-old grandson to a brutal Domestic Violence Murder in 2006, but this was many years after that.
When we connected with each other I had so many questions that I needed answers to. One thing you must know up front is; you can’t ask a spiritual counselor/medium, clairvoyant if you aren’t prepared to hear the truth. At least not where Elaina is concerned because she is the real deal. I say that now because I didn’t know that at the time. Not only did she tell me the truth, some of it was what I was hoping not to hear, other parts were very comforting to hear after I had time to digest all the information. There were things that even my closest friends had no idea about.
Elaina wrote about my daughter and grandson in her book, so I was excited to read it when it came out, not just because they were in it but because I knew about the amazing work she has done for violent crime victims. I thought I knew her story well; I found out I knew nothing once I started reading the book. This book grabbed my attention through the many twists and turns of Elaina’s life.
There were times I was amazed at the work she has done with law enforcement to help solve murder cases because I know what a gift that is to the families she has helped solve the cases for. My experience with families of murder victims is on a heart to heart level as their peer and when I come home I am emotionally exhausted. When I read what she experiences both mentally and physically to help solve these cases I found myself so humbled; I have nothing to complain about because being tired is nothing now that I have read what it takes out of Elaina; physically, mentally & spiritually, yet she knows that going into it and does it anyways.
There were times when I wept for her and what she went through; and wished that she was beside me, so I could just hug her for a while and comfort her. Her writing makes you feel like you are there with her, on this journey and you just want to protect her because she is such a special soul. Her near death experience had me riveted to every word on the pages. She was blessed with a gift that could only come from God, and she has used that gift to do only good with it.
I absolutely loved this book. I have even begun to read it a second time because it is such a fascinating read. I have realized I missed things the first time around, so it is as exciting to read it again as it was the first time I opened the book. I would recommend (and have) this book to anyone who is interested in the spiritual world, life after death, Heaven or anyone that just wants a good book to read. This is the book for you.

Dayna Herroz
Violent Loss Survivor / Peer Advocate Violent Loss400386_182645691899618_493282350_n
on November 26, 2017
Format: Paperback

Being born with the gift of psychic abilities is not an easy road. Working alongside homicide detectives to solve horrendous crimes is a dark and energy draining work. But, Elaina Deva Proffitt did all of this and more. In her book, she shares on an intensely deep and intimate level, different aspects of her spiritual journey and the work it led her to do. As it unfolds, the fascinating story takes on multiple dimensions.

She takes us inside crime scenes and describes in detail, the visions, smells, feelings and physical sensations she embodies as she re-lives murders, kidnappings, and suicides. While this work would drain her, she helped detectives solve many crimes and bring justice.

But, when she is faced with a serious physical trauma herself, she embarked on a long, arduous and uncertain path.

I have to say that when I reached the part of this book where she describes her NDE (Near Death Experience) I could not stop the tears that coursed down my face. The beauty, peace, light, and comfort she found in the other world left a deep and lasting impression.

I don’t want to spoil this story for anyone, but I will say with all certainty that everyone alive should read this book if for no other reason than to help prepare themselves for the inevitable crossing we all will make. It is a story that will give hope, peace, comfort and take some of the fear out of dying.


on November 25, 2017
Format: Paperback

Like a thrilling journey into the luminous depths of a crystal ball, Elaina Deva Proffitt lured me into the mysterious world of law enforcement. She gives the reader an inside view into their daily lives working in the dark world of murder, pain & suffering. 

Her struggle to save her own life pulled me

-into the silken embrace and the beauty of our afterlife.

Her life’s journey brings a message of hope & love

In the dark night of the soul

A fascinating page turner!

Madame Chinchilla
Historical Author
The history of tattoo
just finished reading Elaina’s book, and I found it fascinating, especially the chapters regarding her work with law officials and the chapters regarding her illness resulting in her NDE. Once I began reading her story, I had to make myself put it down (@ 2:30 A.M.!) so that I could get some sleep, and now I have finished it! It’s a great read
J. F. 

BOOK RELEASE It’s May and the Lilacs are Blooming -One foot on Earth and One in Heaven Author Elaina Deva Proffitt





The true story of a woman with unusual abilities who finds strength, the power of love and strong faith at a time when suddenly,the road of life takes a dark turn on a cold November night bringing her into the Valley and Shadow of Death.
She soon finds herself in a new town surrounded by loving people, some who were dying and rapidly entering into the world of danger, murder, pain and prophecy.
While suffering in agonizing pain soon angelic strangers appearing in many disguises; Healer, Homicide Detectives and Catholic Priest helping and quietly protecting her.
Realizing she was fighting for her life standing at “Deaths door” her search for the Doctors to save her who would arrive in a most wondrous way.
A Near Death Experience bringing a Journey into a beautiful light that would enhance the Spiritual gifts she was given at birth…
Uplifting Autobiography

Body Mind Spirit, Death & Dying, Near Death Experience true stories Grief Loss, Angels, Spiritual Journey, True Crime,Murder Pain and Prophecy


Author Elaina Deva Proffitt








Divine Connections -the Over Soul


Gina Jrel, Helping Hand_613578100_n

Image Credit: Gina Jrel Helping Hand

“I became aware at a very early age that destiny and fated events do exist. While writing this book and as my eyes scanned the pages of my journey, I realized just how much a major theme was arriving with each event. Looking back it is fascinating to see how certain people arrived and what their role was in creating powerful, amazing, loving, and sometimes painful events either for them or for me in what we call life. Powerful bonds were created and to this day many are still in my life while others have gone to the other side or have walked away one way or the other. We are what I call an over soul meaning a connection to a group of souls consciously or unaware of this divine holy spirit, that despite the differences in their jobs or appearance have the same feelings and desires to accomplish something in that specific theme they are drawn towards. When we meet these people, there is usually an immediate connection one that might not be completely clear in the beginning. As we find ourselves together for a variety of reasons we then see and can feel many times the fated aspect of this connection. If we want to make changes in this world we cannot do it alone. That is what the over soul does, it brings us together to learn, create and make changes in this world and within our own hearts. For some of us they arrive in more dangerous or life threatening ways creating those powerful bonds whether near or far that last forever.”

© Elaina Deva Proffitt

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It’s May and the Lilacs are Blooming One foot on Earth and One in Heaven

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